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Diving into Dinosaurs

Levels: 1 - 4
Science, Living World: Evolution
Levels: 1 and 2
Science, Planet Earth and Beyond: Earth Systems
Levels: 1 - 4
Science, Planet earth and Beyond: Interacting Systems
The Diving into Dinosaurs programme teaches students that the earth is very old and that animals and plants in past times were very different.
Students will use evidence from landforms, rocks and fossils to describe the geological history of the area. They will discover how fossils are formed and learn how they are remnants of an ancient and often different life. Students will investigate and describe processes which change the Earth's surface over time at local and global levels.
For more information enquire here or call the National Aquarium on 06 833 5424.

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Fossils and Dinosaurs Download Download
Useful Websites Download Download
How did the Dinosaur Become Extinct Download Download
Dinosaur Worksheet 1 Download Download
Dinosaur Worksheet 2 Download Download
Vocabulary Download Download
Diving into Dinosaurs Worksheet Download Download