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Student Activities

The following activities can be done as one-offs if time does not allow you to attend a full education programme. 
Rocky Shore Visit
Staff from the aquarium can help supervise and provide expertise in rocky shore plant and animal identification for AS: 2.4: investigate an interrelationship or pattern in an ecological population or community at Harding Road, Napier.
Gas Exchange Experiment
Using Yellow-eyed mullet in tanks with three different temperatures of salt water students can monitor the breathing patterns of fish in these conditions. A close look at a fish’s gills, a worksheet to support the experiment and a tour of the aquarium help to build on a student’s learning.
This compliments AS: 2.6 Describe diversity in structure and function of animals; as exchange topic and could also lead into students thinking about doing a practical experiment for NCEA AS90457 2.1.
Focus on the internal ad external features of fish in comparison with other animals. 
Compare two types of digestive systems, herbivorous fish and carnivorous fish.
Close Observation Ideas
See what a dogfish shark had for breakfast! From a dissected shark carefully pull out some stomach contents into a small pertri dish, rinse with salt water and see if you can identify from fins, heads, shells what the shark has eaten.
Check out adaptations of aquarium animals in a tour with one of our educators. 
For more information enquire here or call the National Aquarium on 06 833 5424.