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Range: Australia
Eats slugs and snails, and uses its bright blue tongue to “taste” the air when feeding. Found in gardens and sometimes seen sunning themselves during the day. The Australian Blue Tongue Skink sheds its skin annually and gives birth to between 8–12 live young.
Plecostomus, also known as Sucker Catfish (Hypostomus plecostomus)
Size: between 15–25cm
Range: South America and Bolivia tributaries
Takes the name from sucking algae from surface of objects. The plecostomus can often seen at the National Aquarium “cleaning” the terrapin enclosure but they are hardly noticed as they barely move.

 generally live on land and have feet with clawed toes for walking.  Tortoises can live for more than 100 years.
Terrapin has legs adapted for both swimming and walking on land. Terrapins soak up oxygen through their skin and can stay under water for days if not active and will hibernate under water during cold periods.
Turtles spend just about their whole lives in the water and have fins rather than feet.  They are graceful saltwater reptiles and can swim long distances in a short time.  Females return to land to lay eggs - as many as 200 - but only a handful will survive. They have an excellent sense of smell and are very sensitive to sound. They better at low frequencies, and have good underwater vision but are short sighted on land. Turtles do not have teeth but a modified jaw.
Snake Eating Twin Hinged Tortoise (Cuora flavomarginata)
Size: ave 130–150mm
Range: China, Ryukyu Island
Now an endangered species because they were previously caught and sold as a food speciality. They can live at reasonably high altitudes, preferring ponds and flooded rice fields, eating frogs and juvenile snakes. In captivity they eat worms and petfood. This snake eating twin hinged tortoise can seal itself within the shell for protection from predators. The bottom shell has a hinge which is able to close the front and back sections. It doesn’t swim but can live in shallow water.
Fresh Water Australian Terrapins (Chelodina longicollis)
(snake-necked or long-necked)
Size: 12–24 cm
Range: native to Australia
These have a long neck and live mainly in dirty water, keeping their nostrils and eyes just above the surface, feeding mainly on small fish. They are also good climbers. Fresh water Australian terrapins are inquisitive and make great pets because of their quirky personalities. They tuck themselves up, pulling their neck in sideways for protection against predators.